Hi, I'm Shereen. Let me tell you a story...

There was once a little girl named Shereen. She lived in a tiny village, near a beautiful rainforest, in a tiny country called Belize. From the veranda of her grandmother's house, Shereen entertained herself with one of her greatest loves... BOOKS!

She would spend hours reading through every storybook she owned. She would read them to her grandmother, and play school to teach her stuffed animals and dolls how to read. It was a lovely and fun time. 

Then one day, Shereen had to move far away from the tiny village in the tiny country. She said goodbye to her friends, to her grandmother, and to the veranda and to the beautiful rainforest. She moved with her mom to a great big country with lots of cars, lights and billboards, and lucky for her, lots of big libraries!

It was not very easy getting used to a new and different place. However, the good part was, because Shereen loved books so much, she learned a lot and later as she grew up, she got to go to a great new school... A university called UC Berkeley. After Shereen graduated she became a teacher and continued reading great stories to her students just like she did to her grandmother and her toys. 

You will never guess what happened next! Shereen met a wonderful young man. They got married and had two amazing kids. They now live in Southern California and she gets to have fun reading to her own kids. As a matter of fact one of her daughters favorite treats is to visit bookstores with her mom. And because her daughter loves books and loves to dance, Shereen has just written her very first children's book, "Ahni and her Dancing Secret."

I hope you all take the time to curl up on a veranda, or in any nice comfy spot, and read  "Ahni and her Dancing Secret" to someone you love. 

Thanks for stopping by,


Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession
— Gabrielle Bernstein