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Bill wilson, Ph.D 


"As a school psychologist for 37 years, I always realized that children need positive affirmations and the courage to move on in times of despair. Shereen Rahming has written a book that gives hope and inspiration for children to realize that through positive goal setting and hard work you can accomplish your goals."

Carol Wilson, K-Second Grade TEacher of 35 years

"I love this book and know that young readers will too. The story is powerful with an important message for young children in how to make their dreams come true by goal setting, positive affirmations, and lots of practice. This fascinating story is complimented by adorable and colorful illustrations." 

Jayne Martin, Elementary School Principal

"I love the story! It has such a great message for all ages. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging and I love the cadence of the rhymes."

"I can vividly remember the first ballet class I ever took. I was in the 5th grade and like most little girls, I’d been anticipating joining a dance class for the longest. Space opened up in one of my church member’s classes and my first night (it was a Thursday I believe) marked the first class of a decade long ballet hobby..." Read more here.

JEssica Simien, Lifestyle Beauty & Motherhood for the Millennial Woman

"The Story begins with sweet Ahni looking at herself in the mirror. It's her first day of dance class and she loves the ballerina reflection staring back at her. As she arrives at Madame Sabina's Dance School her excitement quickly turns into fear. The girls standing before her appear to have picture perfect ballet skills..." Read more here.

Aprel Phelps owney Business Marketing SErvices 

"Before I even start with this book review, I just want to say that "I LOVE THIS BOOK"!!!!!!! Read more here. 

Keisha, Abundantly Authentic

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Kaitlyn Brough, Mommy Blogger: My Postpartum Life

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Dani Faust, PRofessional Blogger & Welness Coach

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Alana MArie, Blogger, Addy's MommY, thrifter 

"As a young girl, I remembered getting picked on in school. It was a very devastating time for me as I struggled to be accepted by my peers. I know that my daughter will have to deal with..." Read more here. 

Tamera South, Founder of Simply T Nicole 

"'Ahni and her Dancing Secret," by Shereen Rahming is an amazing book. I enjoyed reading it with Savvi and the message that it holds. This is a book you should add to your child's library. " Read more here. 

Jovanhanna Tisdale, Founder Love, Johanhanna, Spiritual Love Coach

"My oldest daughter is OBSESSED with ballerinas. What 4-year-old girl isn't? When we got Ahni's Dancing Secret in the mail we were excited. To be honest, since we received it. it has been THE bedtime story every single night." Read more here. 

Jameela, JAm and tea

"It is absolutely important to me to raise my daughter to be a strong African-American woman who has all the self-confidence in the world. Our society has not shown black women in a good light for a long time now and it is time for that to change..." Read more here. 

Julia Anderson, Besties and Babies

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