Making children glow with self esteem!


At Read and Glow Books we intend to empower and inspire children to take pride in their individuality, and to see the beauty of their true selves by sharing simple and motivating stories with every reader. Young people often face a world of peer pressure and confusion over identity. At Read and Glow Books, we strive to teach our young and old readers alike that their own unique and authentic nature is something to celebrate and be proud of. Our stories reflect characters facing life's daily challenges, who triumph by discovering their hidden inner strengths and the power and beauty behind their own individualism. 



Find out about author Shereen Rahming and her inspiration to inspire young people to celebrate their unique and authentic qualities through empowering literature.

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MAking An Impact

Read and Glow books is more than a publishing company. We strive to impact the community by teaming up with other organizations to make a difference in the community and other people's lives. 

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