BOOK REVIEW by Shereen Rahming - I'M A BIG SISTER

     When I received the opportunity through Here Wee Read to review I'm A Big Sister by Crystal Swain-Bates, I immediately jumped on it.  As a mom of two kids, I remember vividly the days of awaiting the birth of my son and looking for stories to share with my daughter about becoming a big sister.  As we prepped for the new baby by decorating a nursery and buying new clothes, we also prepped our daughter for the changes she would experience.  There is no better way to open up such a discussion with a child, than by allowing the gift of stories to lead the way.  So when I saw the latest book by Crystal Swain-Bates, the nostalgia of those days came swinging back into my mind and I couldn't wait to read I'm A Big Sister.

     This charming story is written in a simple rhyming style and told through the eyes of an adorable little girl whose Mom and Dad has just returned home with a brand new addition to the family tree, therefore making her a new big sister.  As she settles into her new role, she discovers the fun, joy, and work of having a new baby in the home.  With all the work that goes into caring for a baby, she becomes a great helper to her parents and quickly embraces her big sister title.

     In addition to being a great story, I also enjoyed this book because it centers around an African American family.  As the mom of African American children, I am constantly on the look out for books where my children can see positive representations of characters that look and feel like them.  I'm A Big Sister is exactly the kind of literature I seek to give to my children to help promote positive esteem for themselves and their culture.

     But as much as this is a book about an African American family, I must also say that it is about any typical American family.  It is a universal story for any family that is going through the experience of expanding their brood.   I can see various families with little girls awaiting their new baby siblings, having many happy bedtime readings with this book.  I'm A Big Sister would make a great addition to the bookshelves of all big girls about to become big sisters.

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