Book Review by Shereen Rahming - Lou Lou Mae's Badge of Courage

     Before I even introduce you to today's book, I have to start off by saying that I am so excited about it.  I could not wait to write this review.  If you are looking for a story to teach your little ones about the true meaning of courage, this is the book for you.  It is Lou Lou Mae's Badge of Courage written by Kinjatta Dobbins and illustrated by Lisa Tingle.  With its beautiful message of bravery, it is the kind of story that can become a favorite within your household.  So it is safe to say that I really adore this one.

     Lou Lou Mae is a beautiful little girl who discovers at a young age that she is blind in one eye.  To strengthen her seeing eye, her doctor recommends wearing a patch over the blind eye.  But poor Lou Lou Mae struggles with this as she is scared to be seen out in public with the patch on. She attempts to find the courage to wear her eye patch but just can't seem to muster it up, until she meets Mrs. Valor, a real life military veteran with a very special physical condition that she has had to adapt to.  By finding commonality with Mrs. Valor and witnessing her strength, Lou Lou Mae learns that bravery is not the absence of fear but the willingness to move forward despite feeling fear.  This is a story of discovering the strength within and learning what true bravery is.

     One of my biggest goals is to promote positive self esteem and self love in every child.  Lou Lou Mae's Badge of Courage does so masterfully by teaching children to turn what is seemingly their imperfections into perfect badges of honor.  It teaches them to change apparent weaknesses into absolute strengths and there is no better way to develop positive self esteem than by doing just that.  

     And what makes this book even more special is the fact that the story is inspired by the author's own experience.  Like Lou Lou Mae, Kinjatta Dobbins wears an eye patch.  She has had to discover her own strength within and find her badge of courage just as the little heroine in her story.  Perhaps it is the author's personal experience that gives such heart to this book.  Her words ring out with such affection.  No where is that more evident than when she introduces us to a mantra that my little ones marched up to bed reciting after we read this book.  So as I leave you all, hopefully with a longing to read Lou Lou Mae's courageous story, I wish you all the courage and strength you need to face life's challenges and I leave you with Lou Lou Mae's mantra... "There's nothing to it but to do it!"

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